Authors Responsibilities

Reporting Standards: The authors of a publication must present original research that includes an accurate summary of the work done and an unbiased appraisal of its importance. An manuscript should include enough specifics and citations to enable others to duplicate the work. A false or intentionally erroneous statement is unethical behaviour and is unacceptable.

Data Access and Retention: Authors should commit to provide open access to any raw data submitted with an manuscript for editorial review and, in any case, be ready to keep the data on hand for a fair period of time after publication.

Originality and Plagiarism: Authors must ensure that the work they submit is fully unique; if they have used someone else's ideas or words, they must properly cite or quote them in order to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Singh Publication is dedicated to publishing only unique content, which is material that hasn't been published or isn't currently being reviewed anywhere else.

Multiple, Redundant, Concurrent or Duplicate Publication: A author shouldn't publish the same work describing the same research in many journals and books since concurrent submission is improper and unethical publishing behaviour. If authors have used their own previously published work as the foundation for a submitted manuscript, they must properly cite the earlier work in the current manuscript and explain how the original contributions of the submitted piece outweigh those of the earlier work.

Acknowledgment of Sources: A publication reference must always be included when acknowledging someone else's work. Incorporating the citation only to raise the volume of citations in the author's work is unethical.

Data Fabrication and Falsification: The work will not be accepted if it is discovered that the data provided is either made up or false, including experimental results that have been altered to include altered photos.

Authorship of the Paper: Along with the primary author, those who have made substantial contributions should also be given authorship (corresponding author). The author in charge of getting in touch with the book/journal for publishing is called the Corresponding Author. The others who contributed to some important parts of the study endeavour should be thanked or identified as contributors.

Acknowledgment of Funding Sources: By recognising at the end of the book or journal publication, the funding sources for the research must be stated.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest: Any financial or other significant conflict of interest that could be taken to have an impact on the findings or interpretation of an author's work must be disclosed by the author in their manuscript.

Fundamental Errors in Published Works: It is the author's responsibility to inform the Publisher/Chief Editor/Associate Editors as soon as they become aware of a significant error or imprecision in their own previously published work and to work with the editors to either withdraw or request a correction in the submitted work.

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